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Olvera Capital provides a range of financing solutions for external administrations and short term working capital.

Whether it’s to fund a Deed of Company Arrangement or fund working capital post deed of company arrangement, Olvera Capital can help you access capital quickly and easily.

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Finance Solutions

External Administration Finance

If your company has been placed into voluntary administration, liquidation or receivership, Olvera Capital can help.

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Short Term Finance

When a company is coming out of administration credit is often difficult to obtain, Olvera Capital can help.

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Deed Funding Made Simple

At Olvera Capital, our focus is offering loans to businesses that are going through formal restructuring. We understand the issues that you are facing when raising money for an insolvent company – no matter the credit history.

  • Easy Eligibility
  • We will consider any asset as security

Fast & Easy Application Process

At Olvera Capital, we make the lending process as fast, efficient and stress-free as possible.

Our process is simple – we utilise the work of the voluntary administrator to support the application process pre the second meeting of creditors.

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Where Olvera Capital Can Help

Scenario 1

Credit Guarantee

The voluntary administrator is asking for evidence of your ability to pay monies due under a proposed Deed of Company Arrangement were the proposal advises that payments will be made out of the profits over time. The administrator wants a guarantee of funding before agreeing to the proposal.

Scenario 2

Deed Funding

Your proposal to the voluntary administrator for a Deed of Company Arrangement requires a one-off payment of $500,000 which needs to be made 10 days after the execution of the Deed of Company Arrangement.

Scenario 3

Secured Creditors (Receivership)

Your secured creditor is owed $300,000 & won’t agree or participate in a Deed of Company Arrangement and you need to pay out the secured debt for the proposal to be accepted.

Scenario 4

Short Term Finance

You have just completed a Deed of Company Agreement and your business needs $100,000 in working capital to restock.