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Type of loans

We have two types of loans depending on your needs.

External Administration Finance

If  your company has been placed into voluntary administration, liquidation or receivership, Olvera Capital can help.

We understand the issues, the time constraints and have the capabilities to quickly assess your situation. We can create the right financial solution to keep you in control of your business.

Our Deed Funding solutions can be anywhere from 6-18 months and as low as $500,000.

Short term Finance

When a company is coming out of administration credit is often difficult to obtain. Olvera Capital can provide short term cash support and trade credit guarantees to help fund your working capital gap and get your business going.

Our short term finance is designed to provide you with funding where traditional sources of finance, such as banks and other institution do not understand the risk and do not operate.

Our short term loans are typically 1 to 12 months in duration.